The Story Continued...

His very first studio, Black Concepts, quickly became the beating heart of Port Elizabeth’s creative, street culture scene. His business partner, the talented turntabalist and producer DJ Kenichi, ensured that the underground music culture and entertainment scene would always be deeply rooted into the essence of Black Concepts as a studio, and into Warren as an artist. The influence of underground street culture and alternative forms of creative expression are still vital aspects of all Bake’s creations and always will be.

The dualistic nature of Warren’s creative identity – simultaneously a passionate fine artist as well as a tattoo artist – means he has always pursued expression through traditional art. Warren has exhibited both locally, in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg, and internationally in London and the States. His work has also been featured in various publications over the years, serving to push him even harder in the pursuit of true artistic expression.

Bake’s love of traditional fine art shows itself in every aspect of his tattoo work – it is the fine art of tattooing.

Who is bake?